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If you're on the hunt for a truly unique lamp to accessorize your living room, giuseppe zanotti high tops Etsy is a far better place to start than Ikea. Because that's the only place you'll be able to buy this illuminating creation from Ricochet Studio that looks like a pair of shoes tossed over a power line.

Those shoes, however, are made from men designer sneakers porcelain with halogen bulbs hidden inside. But while the sneakers are fake, the power lines aren't. They actually carry electricity to the shoes via their laces, and the sneakers can be adjusted and repositioned however you want them to hang.

There's only one of the Shoe Toss lamps left, though, and if you want to string it up in your home you'll have to scrounge up $2,000 and find a place where you're not going to be constantly men giuseppe shoes clotheslined by the cables.

This lamp is both beautiful and cute,new giuseppe zanotti but if you buy an electrical device for your home (at least in North America) and it does not have the UL and CSA decals on it, do not expect a return of your insurance claim when something is destroyed by an electrical fire. This is a lovely idea, but why run current through the matte double bar high top sneakers same wires that support the lamps? A 12-volt transformer with alligator clips to connect the current....this is very grade-school science free shipping