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U.S. manufacturers sold 388 million pairs of athletic shoes last year. Retailers saw $12.1 billion in estimated sales. Environmentalists see 776 million shoes heading straight for landfills. Now Nike may change the footwear industry by being the first to offer, oakley sunglasses discount partially at least, recyclable and recycled sneakers, according to OMNI magazine. "Maybe at some point we`ll have a system where shoes can be 100 percent recycled, where you never throw a pair away. You always take them back like fake oakleys bottles or other common recyclables," says Dusty Kidd of Nike.

Since when does a pair of $175 Nike shoes constitute reason for murder? As of late, this has been a scenario with some inner-city youth murders. Overall, the fake oakley sunglasses homicide rate has risen 21 percent since last year. Of course, every killing among young people can`t be attributed to their desire for Nike shoes. But the economic and social frustration felt by most of these offenders is directly related to the capitalist society in which we live. Nike's use of such spokespersons as Bo Jackson, Spike Lee and Michael Jordan only amplifies the frustrations and hopelessness felt by the youth.

About two months have passed since cheap oakleys Operation PUSH launched a sudden boycott campaign against Nike Inc., accusing the popular athletic apparel maker of being insensitive, insulting and disrespectful to blacks. Leaders of PUSH threatened to bring Nike to its knees if it didn`t immediately start using black law firms, advertising agencies and banks; hiring more black executives; and putting blacks on its board of directors. The head of PUSH also said he wanted Nike to lower its prices and to finance educational programs in black neighborhoods so cheap oakley sunglasses young men wouldn`t shoot each other for their Air Jordans.

It is ironic and unfortunate that PUSH seemingly is recognized as such a strong voice of the black community by both white conservatives and white liberals and, indeed, by most of white America. Although it is obvious that the Chicago black community is very diverse in its political, economic and social views, discount oakley sunglasses PUSH's point of view about Nike as outlined by Rev. Jesse Jackson and mimicked by Rev. Tyrone Crider, PUSH's executive director, is not only a minority view within a minority, but is an insult to all intelligent blacks or African Americans.

Bo knows baseball, et al., and Spike Lee will be pitching mo` better shoes on behalf of the country's largest athletic footwear company. But Operation PUSH made it clear Tuesday that it wants Nike Inc. to put more of its money where its mouthpieces come from. "There are other ways we can jump and run and make touchdowns and hit home runs (than in Nike shoes)," said Rev. Tyrone Crider, national executive director of Operation PUSH, hinting replica oakley sunglasses that he might yet call for a black boycott of the firm's products.

Seen only once on network television (in the middle of the all-star game), this Nike commercial has already become legendary. That's because it's a celeb-sports orgy set to great music; and it cleverly nurtures the myth of its beyond-mere-mortal subject, Bo Jackson. The legend comes down to this: Jackson plays pro football and baseball in the same season and excels at both. Some of his faster-than-a-speeding-bullet, more powerful-than-a-locomotive lore comes from the fact that he combines two of the most disparate qualities in sports: a weight-lifter's strength and a sprinter's speed.

I suppose the tomato was a factor. I like tomatoes. But the kind sold in most stores taste like the plastic they`re wrapped in. So I figured that if I wanted a good tomato, I`d have to grow my own. To do that, I`d need a back yard. And that's why I am no longer Condo Man. About a week ago the moving truck came, and I have reverted to my natural state of Bungalow Man. As I explained four years ago when I moved from a house on a side street into a lakefront condo, I was launching an anthropological study of those relatively new urban creatures, Condo Man, High-Rise Man, Lakefront Man, Health Club Man, Singles Bar Man and all the others.